Interpreting Biblical Images on Money

In Continuing Celebration of Pine Brook Jewish Center’s 120th Anniversary
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on Sunday, April 3, 2016 in Scheinman Hall

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Interpreting Biblical Images on Money

Images from the Bible were put on coins and paper money as early as 110 BCE. This talk will identify where these images are mentioned in the Bible and when and why these images have appeared on money throughout history. Bob will discuss and display money issued by the Maccabees, the Jewish defenders of the 2nd Temple, the Romans, Bar Kochba, the British Mandate for Palestine, the Nazis, and the Modern State of Israel. Furthermore about the money topic, nowadays, people go for loaning application if they need emergency cash or if they want to buy a house or a new car, usually when buying a new car people don’t have good credit, but fortunately there are bad credit auto loans. Payday loans are offered and brokers find lenders. To know more info, see here now at


Robert Messing

Robert Messing graduated from Clark University with a BA in Philosophy and has MBAs from NYU and CUNY. Bob has gone on numerous archeological digs in Israel where he found ancient coins, mosaics and Roman glass. He also identified and cleaned artifacts that came from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Bob has written articles on Israeli coins and medals that have appeared in Hadassah Magazine and The Shekel.

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