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Jill BucklerNursery School Co-Director: Jill Buckler
973-244-9800 x. 212

The Pine Brook Jewish Center community looks forward to Jill Buckler’s 2nd year as our Nursery School Co-Director. She has been our Pre-K teacher for the past 15 years, as well as, teaching the GAN class at PBJC Religious School for the past 5 years.  This is her 16th summer as the Unit Leader of Kindergarten Girls/Pre-K at Willow Lake Day Camp and has been teaching for a total of over 18 years in the non-profit field.

Jill is very excited to continue to teach the Pre-K, as well as, the GAN class on Sundays in the addition to her new administrative role as Co-Director.


Lisa LermanNursery School Co-Director: Lisa Lerman
973-244-9800 x. 212

The Pine Brook Jewish Center community is excited to welcome Lisa Lerman in her 2nd year as our Nursery School Co-Director.

Lisa graduated from Muhlenberg College where she earned a dual degree in business administration and social science.

Over the past 16 years, she has taken on various roles at PBJC, including: teaching the Mommy and Me class, introducing and implementing the science program, and assisting in both the two’s and three’s classes. She spends her summers working as a head counselor and administrator at Pine Brook Day Camp and performs administrative work throughout the school year. Lisa looks forward to continuing her role as a teacher as well as becoming a Co-Director at PBJC.

Both Lisa and Jill intend to continue to build and offer a warm, loving program that nurtures children, reinforces their natural disposition to ask questions, finds answers and strengthens a child’s ability to function as both a strong individual and as a caring member of a child-sized community.

Monthly News

As the last few days of camp conclude, we reflect just how quickly summer has gone by. We can’t believe we are preparing the first Candlestick article for the new school year.

Summer 2016 at Pine Brook Day Camp was terrific for BOTH our campers and staff. Even though we were small in size, we were extremely large in fun, spirit and creativity! Every day we had specials which included Music with Miss Babette, Flyaroo fitness, arts and crafts and we started every morning singing at our rainbow pond! The campers were kept busy, active and entertained with something unique every single day! The children spent time on our playground, splashing around during water play, cooking yummy treats, and doing some very creative craft projects. The campers were so busy they loved every minute! Some highlights of our themed weeks included a visit from our Eyes of the Wild friends, a car wash for our riding toys, crazy hair day, a rainbow parade and so much more. We capped off our summer with a sing- along ice cream party! Overall, Summer 2016 was amazing! We’re already making plans for Summer 2017 to be even more fabulous (if you can even imagine!), so stayed tuned for more details.

The 2016-17 school year promises to be a fantastic year for all! Our calendar is full of exciting programs and activities that we look forward to sharing with all of you each month. With a new year ahead, there are many exciting and positive memories to be had as the PBJC Nursery School children continue to grow and learn with us!

This September we are excited to implement the Giggle Zone! We will be expanding our already vibrant and stimulating preschool program to accommodate the needs of parents who require longer hours. The Giggle Zone, an extended care option will complement our current preschool classes.

The beginning of the year will be filled with meeting new friends, adjusting to new routines, and taking part in many fun and exciting activities as we learn about all the holidays we will be observing. We will even be taking part in a Shofar Factory program for Rosh Hashana!

We look forward to welcoming all PBJC nursery families back to school on September 6th!

Wishing you and your family L’Shana Tova! Here’s to new beginnings – may this be a sweet and happy year for all!

Lisa Lerman / Jill Buckler
Nursery School Co-Directors

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