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The students of Pine Brook Jewish Center’s Religious School ushered in the 2017-2018 academic year with much enthusiasm, ruach and excitement. In anticipation of what I trust to be an outstanding year, each child received a bag of treats to get them ready for a great new year of learning.

A BIT OF HONEY to remind them to have a good and sweet year of learning

It is a Jewish tradition to put honey in a child’s mouth on the first day of Hebrew School.

A PENNY to remind them to give Tzedaka

It is said that giving Tzedaka is equal to other commandments combined.

A BUTTON to remind them to “button your lips” to keep from saying mean and hurtful things to others.

We should not speak lashon harah, or gossip to one another.

A  FRIENDSHIP BRACELET to remind them that the warmth of friendship is always yours at PBJC

“A faithful friend is a secure shelter, whoever finds one has a treasure.”

A BANDAID to remind them that we are all responsible for Tikun Olam, the repair of the world

And God said: “This is a beautiful place that I have given you, take good care of it.”

A PAIR OF GLASSES to remind them to see the world through a Jewish lens

Our tradition teaches us to do the “right thing” by treating others fairly with mercy, justice and compassion.

A GOLDEN THREAD to remind them of the golden rule – do unto others only what you would have done to you

A SUPER PBJC STUDENT PENCIL to remind them that we have high expectations of you

A CHOCOLATE HERSHEY KISS to remind them to show your love for your family and friends

A RED RIBBON to remind you to tie it all together – connect all that you have learned with all that you will learn

Research studies indicate that during recent decades, the connection between Diaspora Jewry and Israel is becoming blurred and diminished To help us celebrate Israel’s 70th birthday! I am so pleased to announce that, for the third year, our kitah gimel students will have the opportunity to develop and expand a relationship with a school in Petah Tikvah, Israel. The goal is to unite both groups through a mutual learning experience. They will have the opportunity to explore each other’s unique identity as citizens of different cultures and countries.

We are very proud of our madrichim program. We now have eighteen teens who volunteer their time every Sunday morning. These wonderful volunteers work with our primary classes and our younger students who need reinforcement with their Hebrew reading. Their very presence makes a difference. These teens leave behind indelible impressions and most importantly, the dedication, commitment and enthusiasm for Jewish learning. L’Dor V’Dor, from one generation to the next, may they continue to go from strength to strength.

October is a very busy month with programs and events for everyone. Please mark your calendars and plan being a part of our community.


1 Sunday                    Gan, Zeraim & Shorashim (K-2) trip to Brook Hollow Barnyard  

1 Sunday                    Madrichim Program begins

7 Saturday                  Junior Congregation Service

8 Sunday                    Kitah Hey – B’Nai Mitzvah Workshop with parents & students

10 Tuesday                 Pizza In the Hut for Hakol B’Yachad       

12 Thursday              Simchat Torah Celebration @ 7 p.m. (Jr. Congregation credit)

15 Sunday                  Kitah Hey Community Mitzvah Project – CAR WASH

21 Saturday               Junior Congregation Service

22 Sunday                  School-wide Blessing of the Animals

24 Tuesday                 Religious School Committee meeting @7:45 p.m. Please come and share your thoughts on how we can make our school the very best it can be.

31 Tuesday                 No School Halloween – enjoy your treats!    

 As always, my door is always open for you to come in to say hello, my candy bowl is full and coffee or tea awaits you.


Mary Sheydwasser

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