18th Annual PBJC Golf, Tennis and Game Room Classic

18th Annual PBJC Golf, Tennis and Game Room Classic

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We are pleased to announce that the Pine Brook Jewish Center’s 18th Annual Golf, Tennis, and Game Room Classic will be hosted at the Preakness Hills Country Club on August 8th.  

The goals of this event are multifaceted however we’d like to highlight the most important:

To further the social camaraderie of the PBJC congregation and potential new members as well as non-members who have a similar set of Jewish values

To fundraise!  Quite simply we urge and CHALLENGE each and every one of you to go beyond just signing up, or joining a foursome but reach out to your family and friends to help promote the long term viability of our synagogue.  

To have FUN!!

As stated above, the event will take place August 7th, at the Preakness Hills Country Club in Wayne, NJ.  This will be a first class event.  In addition to hosting the event at one of the best golf courses in New Jersey, we have been working with their catering and management department to ensure that the breakfast and lunch will be top notch.  During golf there will be on course food and beverage as well as refreshments during tennis.  There will be a host of “day of” activities, including a multitude of challenges, a raffle, an auction, etc.  Your 2017-18 Golf Committee is working its tuchus off to make sure it is the best Golf/Tennis event the PBJC has ever had!

On the linked brochure below, please find registration details as well as information regarding sponsorships.  In years past we have not done as good of a job as we could have to solicit corporate sponsorships.  If you have a friend or a family member involved with a big or a small corporation please reach out to them and see if they can make any contribution.  

Please save the date of August 7th.  We look forward to your participation in helping to make sure the 18th Annual Golf, Tennis, and Game Room Classic is indeed…a classic!


Seth Edelstein & Seth Friedman

Golf & Tennis Co-Chairs

18th Annual Golf, Tennis, and Game Room Classic brochure