Trustees 2016/17

Jen Abfier • Josh Blumenthal • Betty Crane • Chuck Crane • Eve Fields • Glenn Fox • Mitchell Goldstein • Sandy Gonzalez • Adam Handler • Jennifer Horowitz • Richard Kurland • Jonathan Lewis • Michael Marchant • Barry Marks • Padi Nazmiyal • Eric Paulen • Ester Robbins • Donald Rosenthal • Seth Rossinow • Alan Rothberg • Adi Sabet • Steven Schneiderman • Daniel Seewald • Betsy Steckelman • Kim Stiller • Warren Usatine • Jeff Weinflash • Barry Weinreb • Jack Wenarsky • Randy Wenarsky •



Rabbi: Mark David Finkel
Cantor: Menachem Toren
Synagogue Administrator: Laurie Lindner

Educational Director: Mary Sheydwasser
Nursery School Director: Jill Buckler and Lisa Lerman

Officers 2016/17

President – Jonathan Cohen
1st VP – Evan Zuckerman
2nd VP- Michael Weinstein
3rd VP – Nancy Lerner Weiss

Treasurer – Seth Friedman
Financial Secretary – David Kraut
Recording Secretary – Carol Berman
Corresponding Secretary – Judy Gothelf

Sisterhood President: Ilene Thailer
Men’s Club President: Steven Gothelf
Immediate Past President:  Mitchell Goldstein
Past President: Glenn Fox

Presidents Message

Jonathan Cohen
September 2016 | Av—Elul 5776

Welcome Back

For those who were out of town visiting your favorite vacation spot, or perhaps some place on the bucket list, hopefully you thoroughly enjoyed yourselves.   I especially want to welcome back Rabbi Finkel from his sabbatical, a portion of which was spent in Israel.  I look forward to Rabbi sharing some of the critical thinking he experienced and leveraging these learnings at PBJC.

As we get back into the swing of things, there is a lot to look forward to in the upcoming year.   We held a very successful golf and tennis outing, on a gorgeous summer day August 8, and I want to offer my thanks and congratulations to Seth Edelstein, Dave Honig and the entire committee for a job well done. This was just the start. The 2016-2017 calendar is once again filled quite a number and variety of programming events meant to engage the entire congregation.

Nursery school has much to be proud of as we enter the new year. We launch the new Giggle Zone at PBJC with an incoming class of 7, and our main program of 2’s, 3’s and 4’s show continued increases in class sizes, a testament to the hard work and perseverance of our staff. We have exceeded all expectations.  The PBJC summer camp was once again extremely successful, and I want to personally welcome our Nursery School co-directors, Jill Buckler and Lisa Lerman to their new roles.  These levels of activity and interest at PBJC continue to showcase a simple reality – Staying Power.  Over the past year, we have been celebrating the past 120 years of staying power, of being the glue that is the Jewish community in Pine Brook.  The Olympics, perhaps the greatest example of hard work and perseverance that I know of is fresh in my mind, having watched the exploits of the US Team, some who are making their 3rd or 4th appearances.  Likewise, there are the newcomers – the fresh faces with unlimited potential.  In so many ways, this is our reality as well – a stable of hard working, committed members who place PBJC and their association with us at the top of their priority lists, and continue to make our synagogue hum.  And then there are the new faces, and in particular the new Chevra members we welcomed this year, most of whom have not served on the board before but are sure to become the leadership of PBJC over the coming years.

As I get ready for the final year of my term, it is this new infusion of energy and optimism that I look forward to.  Together, we will continue our staying power, and in doing so, ensure we are making PBJC the shining example of contemporary Judaism for which we are all here.


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