Socially Active Single Seniors

Socially Active Senior Singles (SASS) is a group of single men and women age 55+. We meet once a month at the PBJC or out to a show, movie, dinner, museum etc. We welcome new members and are receptive to all program suggestions. Please email with any questions or suggestions. Elaine Nachshen,

September 2017

SASS hopes everyone had a wonderful summer. We certainly enjoyed ours in spite of the abundance of rain. In May, eighteen of our members met for a delicious Moroccan lunch at Marakesh restaurant. It was one of our best-attended programs. The service was excellent and the food was both delicious and plentiful. Everyone had a great afternoon.

In June, SASS joined forces again with the Friendship Club and presented “Durante” starring Grover Kemble and the NJ Traveling Stage Company at PBJC. The show was very well attended and it was extremely entertaining. The show was followed by, of course, delicious desserts and everyone had a marvelous time.

In July, a group of us made a return visit to Yogi Berra Stadium to watch The New Jersey Jackals play baseball. The game was close, and even though our team lost the game, we all had a terrific time. Thankfully, we were blessed with great, comfortable weather. We munched on assorted ballpark food and ended the evening with a truly professional fireworks display. It was a perfect night.

At the time of writing this article, our August program has not yet occurred. However, it will have by the time you are reading this. We anticipate going out to dinner at a local restaurant and after dinner we will proceed to Parsippany’s Veteran’s Park to see a concert in the park. “Time Machine” is a popular band who perform music in all genres, including Disco, Motown, Swing, Country, Rock, Golden Oldies Broadway hits, etc. They predict to have something for everyone’s taste in music. We anticipate another great program to end the summer.

As we enter the fall season, everyone in SASS wishes everyone at PBJC, your friends and family, a Happy and Healthy Rosh Hashana.

L’ Shanah Tovah,

Elaine Nachshen


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