Other Gifts

Capital Funds

Donations can be made to this fund to help complete our new addition. Call Nan Rothberg or Mel Sanders.

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

This is a new fund to be used for helping those in need in our community, or for other charitable causes. For example, contributions can be made toward a relief fund for victims of the World Trade Center and their families. Donations of any size, both large and small, are welcomed.

Prayer Book Fund

To help strengthen our synagogue and in the best tradition of Judaism, please support our Prayer Book Fund in honor of or in memory of any occasion.

Library Fund

Funds for the purchasing of materials and literature for our library are partially attained through thoughtfulness of those who support our Library Fund. Donations may be made for any occasion – Bar/Bat Mitzvah, births, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, job promotions, retirements as well as memorials.

$10.00 for minimum general donations

$18.00 for bookplates

Checks should be made out to: PBJC Library Fund. Please help expand our library. To make donations contact: Sheila Weinreb.

Nursery School

The Nursery School accepts monetary donations of any amount, both in honor of or in memory of a loved one. Donations will go towards special programming and/or special materials. Simply contact the preschool office at 973-244-1611 to make your donation!

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