Torah Fund

Funds Provide

– Rabbis
– Cantors
– Jewish Educators
– Synagogue Administrators
– Social Workers
– Scholars
– Lay Leaders
– Researchers

Ensuring Our Legacy

Give $18, $180, or any amount, and your contribution strengthens and perpetuates Conservative/Masorti Judaism throughout the world!

Any Sisterhood member who makes a donation of $180.00, Benefactor level, will receive a beautiful pin depicting “NATAH KAREM” which is our theme this year.

For a donation of $300.00, Guardian level, you will receive a pin with a pearl

For a donation of $600.00, Associate Patron level, you will receive a pin with a ruby

For a donation of $1,200.00, Patron level you will receive a pin with a diamond.

Find out if your employer is one of 700 companies that will match gifts to educational institutions.

(Your gift of $90 + matching gift of $90 = $180 Benefactor)

Torah Fund


torah pin 5776

The Torah Fund Campaign of Women’s League for Conservative Judaism helps strengthen Conservative Judaism through its integral support of Conservative/Masorti seminaries throughout the world.

Any donation to Torah Fund is deeply appreciated. Each gift is important and is an expression of commitment to perpetuate Judaism by providing fine educational institutions to our future lay and professional leaders. Support can be given though donations of any amount, purchasing greeting cards to commemorate any occasion ($5.00 per card). Donations and pledges of $180.00 or more receive a beautiful Benefactor NATAH KAREM pin ( pictured above). For any donations, pledges or cards please contact Sheila Basem 973-263-1042 or Carol Kotch 973-299-1343

A $300 donation is acknowledged with the Guardian pin.

Another easy way to contribute to Torah fund is by accepting a Tzedakah Box (charity box). Keep it in your home and put your change into it. It is amazing how fast the box will get filled. If you have a box or want to get a box please call Sheila Basem at 973-263-1042.

A special thank you for your recent support to:

Barbara Warshaw, Gail Feldman, Myra Sumka, Elaine Nachshen and Sima Feder.

Did You Know?

TUITION COSTS: at the Jewish Theological Seminary range from $10,100-$18,920 depending on the program which the student is enrolled.

LIVING COSTS: range from $10.900 to $17,410 depending upon whether the student lives on or off campus, is married, and/or has children.

JOINT DEGREE PROGRAMS: add between $13,170 to $15.880 more tuition for students enrolled in the joint programs with Columbia and Barnard.

While it may cost an individual student $37,380 or more per year for his or her education, it costs JTS much more than the amount it receives in tuition to educate its students. Your TORAH FUND gift helps to offset the difference. Participation in the Torah Fund Campaign is our way of keeping a higher Jewish education within reach of our future Rabbis, Cantors, Educators, Scholars and Lay leaders.

Please send your donation, a check made out to Torah Fund JTS.

Remember that Torah Fund helps to ensure our future.

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