Who We Are

We are a dynamic suburban congregation with a diverse, multi-generational membership. Our services are participatory and based on the prayers of our tradition, flavored by contemporary readings and sermons that reflect the issues of our day.

Shabbat plays a central role in shaping our identity and our approach to the world. We encourage congregants to make prayer part of their everyday lives, as well as invite both our teens and adults to read Torah, Haftorah, and lead parts of our regular services. We also provide a broad range of programming, which includes thought-provoking educational opportunities and fulfilling social justice projects.

We are committed to providing educational opportunities for all ages. We offer a highly respected Nursery School with extended hours for those parents who need early drop-off and late pick-ups. Our Religious School provides a progressive Jewish education for children in grade school, middle school and high school. Adult education courses are offered throughout the year.

You are always welcome to attend our weekly Shabbat services and experience our warmth and friendship. From within our own community, Shabbat plays a central role in shaping our identity and our approach to the world. Our services are participatory, and strive to engage both mind and spirit. On Shabbat our community comes together as we celebrate our friendships under the peaceful canopy of God’s greatest gift to our people, Shabbat.

Jewish living requires serious engagement with tzedek (righteous behavior) which in turn motivates us to give tzedakah (charity). We are proud of the many mitzvah projects that our synagogue takes on, as well as its commitment to expand our ability for outreach in ways that engage our members for the betterment of the larger community.


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