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2-Year-Old Program

Our 2’s class is designed to provide our youngest preschool students with a secure and caring environment that will make their first steps away from home, both safe and comfortable.


This program of gently structured educational play includes:

  • Circle time
  • Music
  • Story time
  • Snacks
  • Cooking
  • Creative arts and crafts
  • Indoor/outdoor play
  • ...all done in a supportive and loving way!

Social and Emotional Objectives for the 2’s:

  • To deal effectively with separation issues while developing a sense of security.
  • To begin to develop sharing and interacting skills with peers by moving from parallel play to group activities.
  • To foster awareness of other people’s feelings.
  • To begin to develop self-respect and a positive self-image through positive role-modeling.
  • To understand the concept of “setting limits” as part of learning self-control.
  • To learn to make simple transitions from one activity to another while following the classroom routine.
  • To practice using proper and simple manners, i.e. “please, thank you, you’re welcome,” and taking turns on a regular basis, with an emphasis on learning to cooperate.
  • To introduce the concept of personal hygiene.
  • To make the child’s first preschool experience fun and meaningful while engaging in a positive manner with other children and adults outside of the home environment.

Cognitive and Language Development Objectives for the 2’s:

  • To develop decision-making skills through a variety of learning experiences.
  • To respond to simple directions, including classroom rules.
  • To understand a daily routine as a part of overall life skills.
  • To recognize and identify common objects.
  • To rote count to ten.
  • To recognize and identify primary and secondary colors.
  • To recognize and identify basic shapes.
  • Initial discovery of alphabet A, B, C’s.

Fine and Gross Motor Skills Objectives for the 2’s:

To achieve eye-hand coordination through coloring...

  • Building with Lego​​​​​​​s and blocks
  • Playing with Play-Doh
  • Painting
  • Tearing
  • Stirring.
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