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4-Year-Old Program (Pre-K)

Our Pre-Kindergarten program is designed to further enhance independence, self-esteem, listening skills, the ability to follow directions, and the child’s recognition of his own importance within a group setting. The classes use kindergarten readiness materials to provide a full understanding of the upcoming kindergarten experience in both public and private schools.


The children are exposed to: science, nature, creative expression, imaginative storytelling, cooking, nutrition, social studies and indoor/outdoor play, all while developing the very best in each child.  Mathematical concepts are integrated into the daily class experience.


The program also promotes each child to grow in his/her social development, encouraging consideration of others, self-sufficiency, and self-discipline in a happy and productive setting.


Social and Emotional Objectives for Pre-K:

  • To foster positive problem-solving skills while expressing needs and feelings toward others (peers and authority figures).
  • To improve self-reliance skills such as: personal hygiene needs, ability to wipe and clean themselves properly, and the encouragement of more independence.
  • To demonstrate respect and concern for other children, adults, authority figures, all property (personal and general).

Cognitive and Language Development Objectives for Pre-K:

  • To organize and recall information retrieved through observation and listening skills.
  • Increased opportunities for language facilitation where the child is an active participant in developing language through meaningful experiences.
  • To incorporate daily routines without the need for ongoing teacher reminders.
  • To expand vocabulary usage.

Reading Readiness for Pre-K:

  • To associate sounds with the corresponding letters.
  • To distinguish words that begin with the same sound and/or sound the same.
  • To begin to develop a sight vocabulary.
  • To develop a basic level of listening comprehension.

Writing Readiness for Pre-K:

  • To hold writing instruments with correct grip, position, and control.
  • To develop an ability to hold a pencil correctly.
  • Introduction to writing of upper and lower case letters, including, but not limited to the child’s first name.
  • To define the space differences between upper and lower case letters.
  • To write numerals 1-10.

Math Readiness for Pre-K:

  • To recognize number concepts.
  • Rote counting to 100.
  • To begin to identify patterns.
  • To identify size differences, sequencing of objects by size, categorizing of objects.
  • Review of geometric shapes.

Creative Arts for Pre-K:

  • The art process will sharpen children’s observation skills through exposure to the elements of art.
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills Objectives for Pre-K:
  • To use scissors properly through the appropriate grip and more detailed cutting.
  • Tracing of more intricate designs and patterns.
  • Continued development of writing skills.
  • Continues awareness of body parts and how they work.
  • More variety of activities to strengthen large and small muscles.
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