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3-Year-Old Program

Our 3-year-old program is designed for children who are continuing to develop language classification and fine motor skills.  These classes consist of a comprehensive program, which stresses the child’s individual development and awareness. 


By examining the child’s own world, to include: nature, the seasons, community, family, etc., children become more aware of themselves and others around them. The program incorporates science, math, cooking, indoor/outdoor play, and arts and crafts activities. Activities are planned in a manner, which help develop responsibility and independence, along with sensitivity toward others.

Social and Emotional Objectives for the 3’s:

  • To continue the process of fostering self-control including: respect for property, behavioral limitations, socially acceptable behaviors and waiting turns.
  • To continue to develop a positive self-respect and a positive self-image through positive role-modeling.
  • To begin to develop effective work habits while demonstrating cooperation.
  • To reinforce classroom rules, safety concerns, and daily routines.
  • To develop communication and problem-solving skills.
  • To follow simple one, and two-step directions and work towards developing a longer attention span.

Cognitive and Language Development Objectives for the 3’s:

  • To recognize and rote count to 25.
  • To recognize and identify primary and secondary colors.
  • To recognize and identify basic shapes, as well as tracing, painting, and making pictures with shapes.
  • To recognize more complicated shapes.
  • To enhance language development with vocabulary and word recognition: story recall, definition of seasonal and holiday words, etc.
  • To recognize letters of the alphabet and their sounds.
  • To recognize the child’s first name in some form.
  • To recognize one-to-one correspondence  (one to ten).
  • To sort items by amount, size, and color.
  • To identify the month, day of the week, type of weather.
  • To develop quantitative concepts.

Creative Arts for the 3’s:

  • Art is used as a springboard to foster creativity and self-control. All activities will support and reflect the theme of the day.
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills Objectives for the 3’s:
  • Introduction of the use of scissors.
  • To trace letter, numbers, and shapes.
  • To learn to color in the lines.
  • To hold a crayon or pencil and make short and tall lines.
  • To develop an awareness of each body part and know what it does or how it works.
  • To utilize a variety of activities to strengthen large and small muscle groups.
  • To use playground equipment to enhance physical development.
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