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Adult Education Committee

Chair: TBD

Executive Committee Liaison: TBD


The Adult Education Committee works in conjunction with the Rabbi and Cantor to provide interesting and thought-provoking educational experiences for our membership. Every few years we run an Adult B'nai Mitzvah class and the Adult B'nai Mitzvah ceremony is always a moving and meaningful event for our entire community. Hebrew reading classes are also frequently taught by Rabbi Finkel, Cantor Toren, and our Educational Director, Mary Sheydwasser. The goal of the committee is to bring adults in our community together for learning opportunities. Please contact Mary if there is a class or educational program you would like to see developed at PBJC - she will be happy to work with you to make it happen!

Caring Committee

Chair: Carol Kotch

Executive Committee Liaison: Beverly Berkowitz


We believe that acts of goodness are intrinsic to every religious community. We strive to provide a wide array of programs and activities so that each member has the opportunity to give of him or herself.


From time to time, we hear of illnesses, accidents, hospitalizations, births and deaths in our community. We want to be there for our fellow congregants in their time of need or happiness. Each of us can be part of our conduit.


If you find out about any of the events that were mentioned above, please let the office know. We will then take the necessary action to respond to the event. Remember, you are our eyes and ears.

Charitable Giving Committee

Chair: Steve Sanders

Executive Committee Liaison: TBD


The Charitable Giving Committee has worked to help streamline and organize the various charitable giving opportunities available to our membership. They developed our "Circle of Life" program whereby members can choose a variety of areas to which they can donate funds.

Community Outreach Committee

Chairs: Mark and Ina Roffman

Executive Committee Liaison: TBD


The Community Outreach Team began almost 5 years ago with 9 families and now has almost 40. Since its inception, the committee has provided beds, mattresses, bedding, tables, chairs, rugs, microwave ovens, etc for individuals who were placed in apartments or group homes by the Mental Health Association of Essex and Morris Counties (MHA). In addition, we have established a food pantry for the clients (consumers) at the MHA. We also have worked with the New Jersey Council for Jewish Women, to provide the resources to purchase clothing and sneakers for 40 children who were living in shelters maintained by Homeless Solutions. We also provide first class Thanksgiving dinners for over 100 guests, which were served by members of the committee.


Our committee does not have regular meetings.  When we receive a request from the MHA, we purchase the items and the cost is divided by the number of families of the team. The same occurs after a dinner. The commitment is about $150 a year. If you are interested in joining the committee, please email Mark at


Chairs: Lou Schwartz

Executive Committee Liaison: Evan Zuckerman


The Community Soup Kitchen & Outreach Center is now known as nourish.NJ. The name was changed to better reflect the full scope of services they provide. Besides serving meals, they also provide a free farmer’s market, offer mental and physical health services, legal and immigration assistance, job search help, and secure housing assistance.

The COVID-19 pandemic is preventing nourish.NJ from taking volunteers at the present time. Despite this circumstance, nourish.NJ has continued to help those in need. Since the COVID-19 crisis began in March, nourish.NJ has served thousands of meals and distributed thousands of bags of groceries and supplies.

For more than 20 years, PBJC has served as a member congregation of this organization, taking responsibility for donating food and serving lunch whenever there is a fifth Sunday of a month. Due to the pandemic, PBJC is currently unable to volunteer to serve meals. However, we continue to help nourish.NJ with donations of non-perishable food items as well as with monetary donations so the organization can continue to provide much needed services and supplies to the community in need.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with nourish.NJ as the organization grows and evolves. We will see how we can best support the organization and the people it serves during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Thank you for your continued support.

Finance Committee

Chairs: Tracy Horowitz and Jen Katz

Executive Committee Liaison: Steven Sandler


The Finance Committee works on all issues of synagogue financing, including budget preparation. They work in conjunction with our Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Synagogue Administrator, and Bookkeeper to ensure the financial operations of the synagogue run smoothly. B

Fundraising Committee

Chair: TBD

Executive Committee Liaison: TBD


The Fundraising Committee works to raise funds for PBJC projects and special programs. A large gala type fundraiser is held every few years that brings our entire community together for a night of celebration to raise important funds for the synagogue. The committee will also run smaller events such as bowling nights, theme parties, dances, and more.

House and Grounds Committee

Chairs: Alan Rothberg and Josh Blumenthal

Executive Committee Liaison: Michael Singer


The House and Grounds Commitee works on maintaining and improving the buildings and grounds owned by PBJC. The committee is responsible for routine upkeep and maintenance as well as new projects and initiatives. 

Legal Committee

Chair: Michael Marchant

Executive Committee Liaison: TBD


The Legal Committee is convened as necessary to oversee legal matters for the synagogue. The committee meets during contract negotiations and when needed to deal with any legal matters pertinent to PBJC.

Membership Committee

Chair: TBD

Executive Committee Liaison: TBD


The Membership Committee is responsible for welcoming new members to our community. Their mission is to maintain and grow our membership. A welcome event is held each fall to enable our new members to meet other members of our PBJC family. The committee also works with synagogue administration to help address membership questions or concerns.

Nursery School Committee

Chair: TBD

Executive Committee Liaison: Seth Friedman


The Nursery School committee works with our Nursery School Directors on executing the mission and goals of our wonderful Nursery School program. The committee meets several times throughout the year to allow parents to discuss ways to further enhance the program.

Programming Committee

Chairs: TBD

Executive Committee Liaison: TBD


The Programming Committee works to bring interesting programing to PBJC for both the PBJC membership and the greater community in Montville and surrounding towns. 

Public Relations and Social Media Committee

Chair: TBD

Executive Committee Liaison: Betsy Steckelman


The Public Relations and Social Media Committee is responsible for promoting PBJC events and activities to the community. The committee will create posts for the PBJC social media pages, including Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. They will also help create press releases for local media as appropriate for various events.

Religious School Committee

Chairs: Karen Kraut and Kim Stiller

Executive Committee Liaison: Seth Friedman


The Religious School committee works with our Educational Director on executing the mission and goals of our dynamic and vibrant Religious School program. The committee meets several times throughout the year to allow parents to discuss ways to further enhance the program.

Ritual Committee

Chairs: Barry Weinreb and Glenn Fox

Executive Committee Liaison: TBD


The Ritual committee works together with the Rabbi and Cantor on all religious and spiritual issues concerning the synagogue. They organize and plan High Holy Day services each year and work diligently throughout the year to help ensure the spiritual needs of our entire congregation are met.

Security Committee

Chairs: Mike Singer and Jack Wenarsky

Executive Committee Liaison: TBD


The Security Committee works to ensure the safety and security of our membership. The committee is proud that we were recently awarded a significant grant from the Department of Homeland Security that has enabled us to implement top notch safety and security measures in and around the building.

Wed, May 25 2022 24 Iyyar 5782