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Book of Remembrance (Yizkor Memorial Booklet) Information

The Book of Remembrance contains the names of those loved ones for whom a special Yizkor prayer will be said silently during services on Yom Kippur, as well as other Yizkor Services throughout the year.


If you do not have a Yahrzeit plaque and you wish to have the name of a deceased loved one listed in the booklet, the cost is $18 per name. Names on our Yahrzeit plaques are listed at no charge; however, donations are appreciated.


The form below is only necessary if you wish to add names to the booklet and do not have a Yahrzeit plaque. To have a name appear in the Book of Remembrance, please fill out the form below and return it with your check by August 23, 2021.


Please contact the synagogue office to update our Yahrzeit records, including the complete date of the death of those for whom you wish to receive Yahrzeit notifications throughout the year. To purchase a Yahrzeit plaque, please contact Sandy Gonzalez and Melanie Lewis at or 973-244-9800.


This form is not active.


Sun, September 19 2021 13 Tishrei 5782